What is a mother to do? Part 2. Heaven has sent an Angel!

To start off, I’d like to thank @Lilygirl78 for your wonderful advice that allowed me to continue to be my daughter’s hero and keep my bank account intact.

The last time I wrote, I was on the way up to my daughter’s room with the bad news that I can’t afford to buy her Elsa’s Sparkling Castle for her birthday.

Although my daughter dealt with the news better than  I expected (no yelling or screaming), she did fight back her tears as she nodded her head in understanding.

I left her room feeling deflated.

To console myself, I thought I’d try to make myself feel better by reading about other parents in the same situation as me.  As I was visiting the forums, I came across a post from Lilygirl78.  She had the exact same experience as me  while shopping for Lego for her son.  Her solution – buy replica play sets.  Although I wasn’t sure what she was talking about, I headed off to the internet to do some more research.

So, piggy backing on part 1 of my article, we all remember what the Lego play set looked like:lego-castle

I wasn’t sure how to look up replica play sets, and Lilygirl led me to the Facebook page for Tnt Minifigs.  This is a small business that provides replica play sets and minifigures for a fraction of the price of Lego.


They have a very wide variety of characters and themes, and they have Lego replica play sets!!!!  I started to dance around the room when I saw this:

Click on the image to go to Facebook Page

Of course I did my research and compared these replica sets with the real deal to make sure they were comparative.  I found out, the pieces were exactly the same.  The accessories are the exact same.  The only difference I could see is a slight variation in the purple/pink color at times.  Pretty impressive!  However, the big question is, were they sold out like everywhere else?

I messaged them right away to see if they have any in stock and was so happy when I found out they DO have them in stock and they could ship one to me TODAY!  They even have extra Frozen Minifigures I could purchase to go with the castle (click on each image below to explore their vast collection of characters).  Way more bang for my buck that’s for sure!





The people at TnT Minifigures were very quick and efficient, and made my daughter’s birthday a success (not to mention they also restored my superhero mom status in my daughter’s eyes).

So, thank you to Lilygirl78 for introducing me to this wonderful world of Lego-like toys for a fraction of the price.  And, THANK YOU to TnT Minfigs for providing the wonderful service and products that saved my baby’s birthday!

Thank you to Stephanie for sharing her struggles in purchasing Lego for her daughter.  She has shared her story with us and allowed us to share it with you on our blog.





What is a Mother to do? I want to honour her birthday wish, but how to do it without breaking my bank account??


Thank you to Stephanie for sharing her struggles in purchasing Lego for her daughter.  She has shared her story with us and allowed us to share it with you on our blog.

“My daughter informed me recently that for her birthday she wants Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle for her 6th Birthday – thank you television advertising.

After a celebratory hug and kiss (she’s made my job so easy to shop for her this year), I jump online and hope to be done the purchase in 20 minutes or less!

A quick internet search reveals that she is actually asking for the Lego set numbered 41062.  After a quick look over, it looks like a cute little block play set that we will have a ton of fun to put together . I’m not sure who enjoys building Lego more, the adult or child!

I head over to shop.lego.com (our Lego site here in Canada) and I have hit my first road block.  Although it is there, the price is a little more that I was hoping to spend, but even worse, the castle is sold out!

My screen shot of the Lego Store:

Very nice castle, a little pricey, but SOLD OUT, you have to be kidding me!

A bit of reading on a couple of parenting forums has informed me that “sold out” are common words for any store that is selling Lego sets like these ones.  However, not to be one to disappoint my little “angel”, these virtual groups have also advised me to hit up Amazon.ca and Ebay to purchase one.   Again, I’m on my way to make my daughter’s dreams come true (I just might not be able to keep to my 20 minute deadline).

Ebay.ca here I come.  I type in Lego 41062 and I almost spit my coffee all over my keyboard when I start to see the numbers where the prices should be.  I thought $49.99 was a bit steep, but over $20 more than the Lego Store?  Since I know the prices on Ebay can be inflated and people can ask whatever they want but it doesn’t mean they will get it, I checked out the sold only feature on the search menu to see what other parents are purchasing this set for, and I couldn’t believe my eyes!


These were ones that were just sold!  Now, I’m not an expert when it comes to economy, but I do know that these prices are what drive the Lego market so anyone who is selling these sets will price them at this price or above.  I also know when the Lego store sells out of stock, these prices start to go even higher!

Okay, so Ebay is out, let’s hope I have better luck at Amazon.ca!

Well, it looks like the consensus is in.  I’m going to have a very disappointed daughter on my hands 😦  Amazon prices are no better than anywhere else.


So as I trudge up to my daughter’s bedroom to ask her what else she wants for her birthday (and figure out how to tell her mommy just can’t afford Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle Set), I say a silent prayer to anyone who is listening to send a miracle shipment of Frozen to the Lego Store in time for my baby’s 6th birthday.

I’ll let you know what she decides her second wish will be.”

Written by Stephanie H.

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