Replica Minifigure goes tete-a-tete with Name Brand. Who will win the battle?

This article was not written to insult any name brand brick company.  All of the facts in this article have been researched and presented for readers to understand the value of replica Minifigures. 

NOTE:  All of the statistics in this article have been measured in real life by the author.

Read in a deep, wrestling announcer voice: “Introducing first…. from the Replica corner, weighing in at a whopping 4 grams and standing tall at 4.1 cm, crawling out of the New York sewers, wearing his legendary purple bandana…..Donatello the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle…(and the crowd goes wild)….

Standing in the opposite corner…the Name Brand Minifigure weighing in at 4 grams, standing in at 4.1 cm, Donatello the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle…

Wait a minute folks, we have two competitors that seem to be the exact same, going head-to-head to win the title of BEST ALL AROUND MINIFIGURE.”

Will it be a close battle?  Will one brand prove to be the winner from the get-go?  Hold on to your seats Ladies and Gentlemen, “Let’s get ready to RUUUUUMMMBBLLLEEE”.  May the best Minfigure brand win!

#1 Battle Criteria:  Choice.

Let us start with examining the Name Brand.

You are standing in the store looking for the perfect Minifigure for that upcoming birthday (these Minifigures make great birthday presents by the way!) You find the Name Brand minfig-packshanging on the shelf but you quickly realize with disappointment, that the Name Brand Minifigs are hidden inside a foil package (see image to the right).

Although you contemplate ripping open a corner of the pack to take a peek to see if the most popular Minfigure is in there, your conscience gets the better of you and you decide to see if there is another way (or brand), where you can choose the minifigure that would make the Birthday Boy or Girl, shriek with excitement.  This is where the Replica Brand Minifigures delivers a hard upper cut in this battle between the brands.

If you check out our Facebook page, you will SEE (yes, actually see each of the Minfigures, with pictures you can zoom in on and see the product you are purchasing) that there are many different Replica Minifigures to choose from. You can take your time (from the comfort of your own home) to select individual and themed groups of Minifigures, and you will ALWAYS see what you get.  By purchasing Replica Minifigures that you can hand select, there will be no guessing about where your hard earned money is going, and no duplicates when you are trying to find the last few Minifigures to complete your collection.  A win-win for everyone!

#2 Battle Criteria:  Comparison.

Let’s play a game!

Can you guess which brand is which?

Look at the image below.  One of the Harry Potters is a Name Brand figure and one is the Replica figure.  As you are examining the details you are probably observing they are almost identical (keep in mind the shading and quality of the image is because one of them wasn’t taken professionally).

If you would like to see which one is the Replica brand, click here.  I think you will be surprised.

#3 Battle Criteria: Cost.

Look closely at the Mr. Gold Name Brand Minifigure to the right.

Would you believe the price of this Minifigure is valued at $1900.00?

I figured you wouldn’t believe it until you see it, so click on the picture and you will probably be as shocked as I was!

You will find the proof that this Name Brand Minifigure is valued at nineteen hundred dollars and rising (and just for the figure, his staff is not included in that price)!

If you are like us, and you work hard for your money, it is hard to justify such a large expenditure for such a little figure.  Unfortunately, our budget does not allocate for such an expensive purchase.  It’s too bad I couldn’t purchase the exact same Minifigure for a fraction of that price.  Oh, wait! Look at the image to the left.  This is the Replica brand version of the same Mr. Gold figure.  I know you are saying, “They look the same, so they must cost close to the same”.  Click on the image to the left to go to Tnt Minifig’s Facebook page, to see if you are correct in your thinking.  Feel free to browse around our page, you will be pleasantly surprised by our selection AND prices.

I’m hoping by now, you’ve spent some time on Tnt Minifig’s Facebook page.  You will notice there are A LOT of minfigures to choose from.  But what if there is something you want, but can’t find it on there?  Another great thing about Replica Minifigures, is that there is a very high probability that the figure you are searching for is out there somewhere.  Give us an email or message, on our page, and we will do everything in our power to get you that unique, rare figure that you seek.  Feel free to request the same thing from the name-brand company, however if I were you I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for them to respond.


As you can see, without a doubt, it is a unanimous decision.  The judges have declared, with a KO in each category, the winner of the best all-around Minifigure is…..THE REPLICA BRAND (and the crowd goes wild….).

For the exact same product, for a fraction of the price, the ability to individually request and choose a Minifigure (even the rare ones), the Replica brand Minifigure is ALWAYS your best bet.  And you are guaranteed, we will never hide our product in a foil package (you’re welcome)!  Now that you’re convinced you are making the right choice, come on over to Tnt Minfig’s Facebook page and shop until you drop!